Monday, October 7, 2013

Early Season Run

I started with Dora and Tucker in lead, because Dora is usually very good there and Tucker has been.  Unfortunately, Tucker was much more into investigating the trees than staying on the road, reminding me that these guys run better in the dark, with fewer distractions.  
I put Tucker in wheel and moved Wylie up by Dora.  I am not very smart.  I KNEW Wylie liked to run all over the place and would probably bump into Dora and she doesn't have the temperament to deal with it.  
Wylie dragged Dora off the road, where they somehow ended up going around a tree and back under the gangline behind Lichen and Shady:
l - r:  Lichen & Shady (team dogs), Wylie & Dora (lead), Tucker & Declan (wheel)
I finally had the sense to put Lichen up with Dora.  By then, she was mentally worn out.  Scott was still with us and stayed a few feet in front of us with the van and trailer, giving the dogs something to chase home.  
It took half an hour to travel less than four miles, but it was a very educational run.  Now I just need to retain what I have learned. 
Happy trails!