Monday, October 28, 2013

Close Call in Balkan Township!

The citizens of Balkan Township don't know how lucky they are to have Dora Flea in residence!  The Wicked *itch of Balkan, thought to have been vanquished 13 July 2012, was seen late yesterday afternoon in the company of the Wicked Witch of Chisholm. 

Intrepid photographer Scott Dahlquist snapped a couple of photos.  In the first, the two can be seen relaxing on the edge of the Superior National Forest:

The Wicked Witch of Chisholm Contemplates Mischief and the Wicked *itch of Balkan Evaluates Potential Danger
The second was taken hastily, with our photographer barely escaping a horrible curse:

The Wicked Witch of Chisholm Preparing a Spell while the Wicked *itch of Balkan Prepares for Battle

The battle between Dora Flea and the Wicked Witch and Wicked *itch was fierce.  It lasted several hours.  In the end, though, Dora Flea was successful in her defense of home and township.  She was last seen digging a hole large enough for her war spoils. 

Dora Flea and Her New Shoes

Wicked *itch of Balkan -- Ch. Caniscaeli Sally Goodin, JH
Wicked Witch of Chisholm -- Herself
Dora Flea -- Fiddlin Off She Goes