Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fiddlin' Fifty: This is how we roll

This is how we roll

Be nice--We are being scrutinized.
Please respect everyone--Our actions reflect upon us all.
Do not litter.
Pee discreetly.
Know your limits.
Be aware of vehicles--The roads are open to all traffic and we are an anomaly to many.
Obey all traffic laws--Saving seconds is not worth injury, or worse.
You are responsible for yourself.
Go as hard as you want, but this is not a race.  (yet…)
Help each other.
In case of an emergency, use 911.
If you drop, text your bike number to 218-404-5101.
If you absolutely need outside help text 218-404-5101.  We will do our best.
Thank a volunteer.
Have fun--It’s what it’s all about.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fiddlin' Fifty Cue Sheet

Here it is, in all its glory!

Fiddlin' Fifty Recipe Card
If you need to have the cue sheet sent to you in a different format, please let us know!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fiddlin' Fifty Roster

Here is the current roster.  We'll be adding names as your cards come in.

  1. Kip Praslowicz -- Duluth, MN
  2. Death Rider -- Burnsville, MN
  3. Joe Sacco -- Hibbing, MN
  4. Adam Karges -- Grand Rapids, MN
  5. Sherri Kretzschmar -- Duluth, MN
  6. Jon Loye -- Duluth, MN
  7. Tony Carter -- Cohasset, MN
  8. Steve Quiring -- Indianapolis, IN
  9. Al Jurenic -- Eveleth, MN
  10. Vel Jurenic -- Eveleth, MN
  11. Doug Stanzell -- Eveleth, MN
  12. Steve Gillitzer -- Hibbing, MN
  13. Marko Carlson -- Babbitt, MN
  14. Rob Raplinger -- Virginia, MN
  15. Dean McCauley -- Ely, MN
  16. Kevin Sanders -- Ely, MN
  17. Sarah Hurst -- Duluth, MN
  18. Krisin Riker-Coleman -- Duluth, MN
  19. Steve Christy -- Hibbing, MN