Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fiddlin' Fifty: This is how we roll

This is how we roll

Be nice--We are being scrutinized.
Please respect everyone--Our actions reflect upon us all.
Do not litter.
Pee discreetly.
Know your limits.
Be aware of vehicles--The roads are open to all traffic and we are an anomaly to many.
Obey all traffic laws--Saving seconds is not worth injury, or worse.
You are responsible for yourself.
Go as hard as you want, but this is not a race.  (yet…)
Help each other.
In case of an emergency, use 911.
If you drop, text your bike number to 218-404-5101.
If you absolutely need outside help text 218-404-5101.  We will do our best.
Thank a volunteer.
Have fun--It’s what it’s all about.