Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Take a Shower When the Well Is Dry

The Empty Well
First, you need water.  This isn't always easy to come by, especially in winter.  Today is the official beginning of Spring but this is the upper Midwest and the temperature is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  The yard is far from green.

There isn't any actual available water in our immediate vicinity.  Therefore, we had to find some potential water.  It looks like this: 
Potential Water

Water-to-be looks like this:

Buckets of Snow
Here we are "creating" water:
Melting Snow On The Stove

Sure, you say, now you have water.  What does a few pots of water on the stove have to do with taking a shower?  That is a great question and I have the answer:

Super Solar Shower
Most of you probably know that it takes a lot of snow to make a little water.  We don't really feel like melting snow for the rest of the winter/early spring.  So, we contacted a Professional.  He had a couple of suggestions, including drilling a new well, but we opted for the band-aid approach for the time being: 
Mark's Well & Pump Truck
Filling the Well

Filling the well is, of course, only a temporary fix.  Heck, it may be very short-lived and possibly a waste of money.  After all, if water seeps in to fill a well, what keeps it from seeping out?  It was almost worth it just to have a full shower this morning!

The dogs aren't as fortunate as we are.  This is how Dora bathed on Monday: 
Dora the Retrieving Setter

Happy Spring!