Friday, July 13, 2012

The Wicked *itch of Balkan

The citizens of a six acre patch in Balkan Township, Minnesota, have long been terrorized by the local *itch.  She flies around on her broom when she isn't busy raising a new batch of flying puppies.
The Wicked *itch of Balkan

The dogs, cats, rodents, and humans within her domain have despaired of ever being free of her tyranny.  In fact, they were paralyzed with fear. 
Aidan, only able to move his tail-tip

Not even the Wizard of Setter was was up to the task of overthrowing the Wicked *itch of Balkan.
Wizard of Setter

One night, there was a Great Storm.  The wind howled, the lightning flashed.  The town crier made a strange discovery in the morning.  It seemed that a saviour had blown in with the storm. 
Dora Flea Flattens the Wicked *itch of Balkan

The local citizens were overjoyed.
Overjoyed Citizen

They were so thankful that they elected Dora Flea to the post of Official Wicked *itch Fighter.
Official Wicked *itch Fighter

All of the Wicked *itch of Balkan's flying puppies were gathered together, had their wings clipped, and began the arduous process of becoming proper puppies.
Wing-Clipped Flying Puppies

The End


Wicked *itch of Balkan -- Ch. Caniscaeli Sally Goodin, JH, CGC (Sally)
Aidan -- Aidan Cat
Wizard of Setter -- Crossfire Tumblin Tumbleweed, JH, CD, RN, CGC (Tweed)
Dora Flea -- Fiddlin' Off She Goes (Dora)
Town Crier/Overjoyed Citizen -- Shireoak Iced Legacy (Declan)
Flying Puppies -- The offspring of Sally & Declan