Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The past week at Fiddlin’ Irish Red and White Setters has been filled with mushing, friends, and music. 

Several friends came to our Friday After Winter Solstice Party.  While most came after dark for great conversation and food, a couple came early enough for some outdoor fun.  Thank you, Ed and Doris, for helping with my shooting by bringing your clay thrower.  Thank you again, along with Jane and Laura, for bringing along the delightful desserts!

Scott and I spent Christmas day at Jane’s house.  It was fun to spend time with some of her siblings—thank you, Theresa, for helping with my computer—and our friend Jean.  I wish there were more “holidays” to have dinner parties on. 

The youngsters and I took advantage of the snowy road to take the sled out.  I’ve discovered we don’t travel as fast on runners as we do on wheels, but the dogs are still pulling well.  I can’t wait to get them out on better trails so that I can get some nice video to share on our YouTube channel.  Thank you, Jane, for the video camera--I am looking forward to seeing how well it works on the dog sled. 

New Year’s Eve was incredible!  FriendsOnTheRange has been providing the music for Petrell Hall’s annual dance for the past five years.  This was my third year playing for it and it was loads of fun, especially since we had Morgan and Bobby, talented musicians on fiddle and cello.  I’ve never played that style of music with another fiddler before and would like to keep Morgan (and Bobby, of course) around.  Alas for me, they live in Alaska and don’t currently plan to relocate to Minnesota. 

I hope your holiday season has been as camaraderie-filled as ours and that 2012 brings you all the prosperity you need and want.



  1. Oh, so happy to see this. No problems at all. And I look forward to many lovely and picture filled blog posts from you.

    Happy Year of the Dragon!

  2. Happy New Year Susan and company!! Your new blog is a great start for 2012.

  3. Love your new blog! I like the bigger print :) yah yah I know I can fix size in my Outlook but this is really nice. Happy New Year, Susan~

  4. So wonderfully written as always! Love reading about your adventures! you are an inspiration! Happy New Year to you and Scott!